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Cast Iron Castings

Cast iron is used in a wide variety of engineering, structural and decorative applications; this is due to it being relatively inexpensive, durable and easily cast into a variety of shapes.

Most of the typical uses include:

  • Engineering Castings
  • Wear Parts
  • Historic Markers and Plaques
  • Street Furniture
  • Stoves and Fire Backs
  • Rain Water Goods

Many iron castings can be used without heat treatment (as-cast) but, when needed, can be heat treated to enhance overall properties or localised properties such as surface hardness

The chemical analysis of cast iron castings can also be modified to provide improved special properties such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear or abrasion resistance

K B Elsmore & Sons Ltd supplies all of the following basic types of cast iron, in a number of grades with widely differing mechanical properties:

  • Grey Iron (Flake)
  • Ductile Cast Irons (S.G or Nodular)
  • Abrasion & Wear Resisting Iron (Ni-Hard)
  • Austenitic Cast Iron (Ni-Resist)