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Copper Based Alloys

No protective treatments against corrosion are necessary with copper alloys. Slow tarnishing occurs in moist air but this is superficial.

Most alloys are resistant to attack in fresh water and general corrosion rates are typically less than 0.05mm/year in sea water. Alloys recommended for sea water applications generally have better resistance to pitting attack in high chloride situations than stainless steels.

There are also many uses in chemical plant. The reliability of copper alloys is such that, when the total lifetime cost of a component is estimated, it is often more cost effective to specify a copper alloy than a material apparently cheaper in first cost. The long lifetime of the copper alloys, especially in corrosive environments, means that little allowance has to be made for expensive service failures when estimating lifetime costing.

K B Elsmore & Sons Ltd supply all of the following basic types of copper based castings, in a number of grades with widely differing mechanical properties:

  • Leaded / Non-Leaded Gun Metal
  • High Tensile Brass
  • Yellow Brass
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Aluminium Bronze
  • Nickel Alum Bronze