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Pattern Making

Utilising there many years of experience, our patternmakers design and manufacture the most suitable and cost effective patterns that are required to produce high quality castings.

The in-house designing of the foundry pattern equipment / foundry tooling from customer supplied drawings / data and the subsequent pattern making are the first stages in manufacturing ferrous and non ferrous castings.

The foundry pattern equipment is typically constructed from wood but may also be made of metal, resin or polystyrene. This pattern equipment, with the exception of polystyrene is permanent; therefore they can be used to produce a number of castings.

It is essential for the efficient and reliable production of castings that high quality foundry pattern equipment is employed. The manufacture of this foundry tooling is a precise process that is critical to the quality and dimensional accuracy of the final casting, therefore to achieve consistent dimensionally accurate castings it is essential that well designed, high quality pattern equipment is manufactured.

K.B. Elsmore & Sons Ltd reputation for “getting it right first time” is second to none. This is achieved by employing the great store of technical data collated over many years. It is this experience that enables our artisan pattern makers to only manufacture robust, high quality pattern equipment, built to endure the harshness of the foundry process, with minimal degradation.